Susie Cloete | Mae Collard School of Music

Susie Cloete

Piano, Voice & Guitar Tutor

Susie is a vocalist and songwriter undertaking a music degree in contemporary voice and performance at Monash University. 

Susie has a diverse musical background as a multi-instrumentalist, performing in various bands, choirs and orchestras as a singer, guitarist and pianist. She is passionate about helping her students develop solid musicianship skills so they can thrive in both solo and group situations. Using activities from methods such as Kodaly and Solfege, Susie encourages ear training alongside note reading. Her lessons are always positive and engaging experiences for her students. 

Susie has completed Estill Voice Training Levels 1 & 2 and uses this knowledge as the basis for her teaching of vocal technique. She strives to help her students sing safely, helping them expand their variety of vocal tones and dynamics.

Regardless of the instrument, whether it's guitar, voice or piano, Susie readily adapts to each student’s style of learning, to help them achieve their musical goals in a safe and encouraging environment.