Ben Bahlen | Mae Collard School of Music

Ben Bahlen

Guitar & Bass Tutor

Ben has completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Melbourne Polytechnic, and is currently undertaking a Master of Teaching degree at the University of Melbourne. 

Ben is an experienced teacher, guitarist & bassist, performing and composing in a range of genres and settings, from Jazz and Contemporary to Balinese Gamelan.  Ben is an experienced jazz musician performing in various jazz trios and quartets in the Melbourne music scene, both as a guitarist and bassist.

In Ben’s career as an instrumental music teacher he has fostered a passion for education, teaching various students and designing lessons for the individual learner, understanding each student brings their unique strengths and challenges to the lesson.

Through his lessons, Ben aims to assist students in meeting their goals whilst also cultivating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. He takes a student-centered approach to teaching and uses evidence-based pedagogy, ensuring that the interests and learning needs of the student are first and foremost.