Women's Choir | Mae Collard School of Music

Women's Choir

  • Mid year concert
  • TLC Choir singing at a recital - A space to sing
  • Smiling choir

The Women's Choir is facilitated by the Mae Collard School of Music. It is a supportive space to sing together joyfully as a community, using empowering and uplifting lyrics to inspire us. Wellness, compassion, friendship and support for all women is very important to us. We have created a safe and encouraging space for you to sing freely, be mindful, learn breathing tools and experience relaxation in our sessions. Vocal exercises are included, influenced by Estill voice training, to allow every woman, no matter their background in singing, to learn how the voice works and sing with ease and joy.  

​We encourage connection, mindfulness and a sense of community through singing together.

Our choral sessions are designed to be ‘me time’ for mothers and any women seeking creativity, support, friendship with other women, some nurturing and a sense of community. Sessions include a cuppa and chocolate. All are welcome and supported to sing, including complete beginners!

‘Mae offers a service so unique and relevant...that involves all things I love - new people, meditation, singing, tea and chocolate!’
Women’s Choir member