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Music Lessons

You can be assured of the high quality of all vocal, piano, guitar and percussion lessons at the Mae Collard School of Music. Our one-on-one lessons are varied, engaging and enjoyable, tailored to suit individual learning styles and goals, and nurture students to fulfil their musical potential. All vocal lessons are influenced by Estill vocal teaching methods, which explore how the voice works and how to sing with ease, joy and good vocal health.
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Lessons for young children focus on musicianship and include:

  • performance practice
  • vocal and piano skill development 
  • music theory through games and written activities 
  • learning songs with piano accompaniment or backing tracks
  • rhythmic work including playing the tambourine
  • the opportunity to develop composition skills through fun and engaging songwriting.


Older children and teens work towards individual performance goals, with access to AMEB examinations and various performance opportunities. VCE music students receive training that complements and supports their study at school.


Our adult vocal lessons focus on vocal health and using the voice with accuracy and ease. There is also an emphasis on performance skills and mastery if that is a personal goal. We offer a pressure-free space to simply enjoy singing and explore your voice if that’s what you’re after. Piano and Guitar lessons focus on the interpretation of pieces through the learning of various playing styles and techniques, as well as incorporation of music theory, such as learning chord interpretation and note reading. All lessons cater for your specific goals, whether you're learning for fun or have plans to perform and audition.


‘I have been very impressed by how tailored and responsive your lessons are. It is lovely to see my children pursue their individual musical passions, and progress at their own rate, rather than be tied to a particular approach or see them develop mastery and joy for its own sake. It’s no surprise that they love their lessons with you.’

‘I have been taking voice lessons with Mae since early this year and I couldn't be happier! Each lesson is so rewarding...and I have learnt so many new skills and techniques in the eight months since I began. Mae is so enthusiastic and encouraging and very passionate about healthy singing technique. She takes great pride in her students and is so keen to help you achieve your goals...Mae is also just such a lovely, warm person. I feel entirely comfortable with her which means I can fully partake in the lesson without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed...I joined the TLC choir...and it too has been a wonderful experience. I can think of no better way to spend a Tuesday evening than to sing beautiful songs, eat chocolate, relax, chat and laugh with a bunch of great women who love to do the same. It has been a wonderful adjunct to my lessons as well. I cannot recommend Mae highly enough!’ 
Marie McNulty - Adult singing student and member of the TLC Women's Choir